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Did you know plants and produce love macro-nutrients! 🤔

Rainwater is able to supply nitrates, which are the most bio-available form of nitrogen, and plays a key role in plant growth. 🌱 ➡️ 🪴

In order for your plants to thrive they will need to access three essential macro-nutrients that play a central role in helping create vibrant foliage.

While there are a number of different types of nitrogen that plants cannot absorb, that is not the case with nitrate, due to its make-up of both oxygen and nitrogen.

When rain falls into the soil so does nitrate, which is then absorbed by the plants. ☔️

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Composting tip! 🌟

Making sure you locate your compost bin in the right location is important to produce compost that is full of nutrients, perfect for your garden. There are two keys aspects to consider when it comes to setting up your compost bin.

Firstly, you want to position the composter in a shady area of your garden or allotment as you want to keep the temperature within the composter as consistent as possible. 🌡

Secondly, you want to put the compost bin on a base that drains well and gives access to soil organisms such as; worms and ants. 🪱🐜

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A raised bed is flexible, practical and is ideal for any garden. You are able to create a wonderful feature in your garden whilst working at a comfortable ergonomic height, which means less kneeling and bending down to work on your garden 🧎‍♀️

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How Garantia UK can help you

You can make the most of your garden with decorative water butts, composters, growing aids, and many more garden accessories.

You can select your favourite decorative water butt from more than 60 different shapes, sizes and colours. Your choice will serve as a real feature in your garden.

You can find the right garden composter from an extensive range, all of which are made of 100% recyclable plastic. You can also help to bring your garden to life using growing tunnels, cloches and raised bed planters.

Make the most of your garden.


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