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David Domoney’s Guide to Garantia’s Water Butts

Posted by David Domoney, on November 22, 2021.

David Domoney with Antique Amphora Water Butt

Sustainable gardening is a really big topic and there are things that you can do in your own home and garden to live a more sustainable life and benefit from it as well. Now, collecting rainwater that falls down from our skies, we get enough of it, and then using that rainwater to water and take care of your plants is a very, very good thing. Main’s water has additives in it, mainly for human consumption, things like chlorine and fluoride that don’t always benefit plants. Yet natural rain water and its purity is much better for plants. So by collecting the rain water that falls on your roofs, through the guttering and the downpipe, and then using that water to water in your plants is a positive thing. They’re always collected by things called water butts, which then have a little section that the downpipe feeds the water into.

They can look a bit ugly green cylinder, which is not so bad if you’ve got it in the grow your own area or by the greenhouse, but by the side of the house, you may want something that looks a little more ornamental, such as the Garantia 350L Stone 2in1 water butt. It is a massive water butt that stores 350 litres of water that’s collected from the downpipe. And then with a little tap at the bottom, you can fill up your watering can and use that to water your plants. Perfect combination. And at the top, it’s got a planter. You can take this planter out and change the plants through the seasons and put it back in.

But of course, the other thing is how it’s attached to the downpipe because in some cases, if you don’t use all the water in your water butt, it just overflows. But these ones here have a very clever attachment to activate the water butt. Now, this is a very stylish, contemporary water butt, but if you wanted to have a little, I don’t know, holiday at home, let me show you something that’s got a touch of the Mediterranean.

You may say to yourself, well, hold on, where’s the water butt? This urn is the water butt. It’s not fragile terracotta. It is, in fact, really tough recyclable plastic so it will last for years and years and hold its color too. It is, in fact, the Garantia Antique Amphora water butt, and it holds 250 litres of water. You can get an even bigger one, 360 liters of water and 600 liters of water, which is a really, really big water butt. So, it’s holding the water, collecting the rain, and enabling you to use the tap at the bottom to water your lovely bedding plants around the outside and you can plant the top of this as well to really create a beautiful effect.

We’ve looked at sleek, stylish, we’ve looked at Mediterranean. Let me show you something that’s a bit more traditional. You can’t get more rustic than this, a water barrel. This is in fact the Garantia Barrica Water Barrel. It’s not made of wood. It’s made out of recyclable plastic so again, it’ll last for years and years. This particular one is 260 litres, but you can get an even bigger one at 420 litres. It’s got an easy access lid. You have to give it a slight turn and it opens.

If you’re a bit tight on floor space where you’re harvesting the water and you don’t have enough space to, say, have a big barrel a giant urn, you want something that’s quite tall and thin, so it fits with the space, yet is able to collect plenty of fresh rainwater. Now, if you’ve got a really tight spot, either a balcony, a courtyard, or even just a part of the garden where the downpipe is really good but there’s hardly any foot space at the bottom, this is the type of thing you need to look for.

Now, this is the Garantia Dark Gray Slim Stone Wall Tank, it doesn’t take much floor space up at all but the height of it really does enable you to store a lot of water, 300 hundred litres in total, so in such a small space, you can collect an awful lot of really good rainwater. The front of the water butt has a lovely walling effect.

So there you have it, lots of different options of water butts. You can use them to look beautiful as well as at the function of collecting water. In our lives, we should all be looking at more sustainable practices in the way that we live, whether it’s growing our own in the garden, whether it’s composting, but also collecting rain water too. It takes less pressure off the mains, and of course, the quality of the water that you’re collecting is so very natural and perfect for your plants.