Gerty & Garth’s Top Gifts This Valentine’s Day

Posted by Garantia UK Support, on February 7, 2022.

Valentine’s day is approaching; instead of chocolate or a limited gift, why not get your loved one a gift that keeps on giving? Gerty & Garth have taken the stress out of finding the perfect gift. Your loved one will get a present every day with the products listed below. What better way to show your everlasting love?

Better yet, you can both enjoy these gifts. Maybe you both enjoy sowing seeds, or you need a new raised bed for your patio? No matter what your love loves, there’s something here to suit their style.

Gerty’s Top 3 Gifts For Garth

  1. Heart-Shaped Succulent

A Hoya Kerrii (Sweetheart Plant / Valentine Hoya) is a unique heart-shaped succulent any garden and plant lover will adore! This little houseplant is low maintenance as it only needs water every 3-4 weeks.  The Hoya Kerrii produces quirky tiny heart-shaped leaves, making it the perfect lasting present for your valentines this year. This plant is ideal for the home or office as it can survive in many conditions.

Gone are the days of trying to keep a fussy houseplant alive and watering it the perfect amount. This Valentines Plant will be a happy reminder of your love for your partner.

  1. Grow Your Own Sunflowers

February is the perfect time for gardeners to start purchasing and organising their seed collection. These beautiful sunny blooms need to be sown in March, so why not gift them a beautifully presented seed starter kit from EmilysGreenDiary on Etsy? Sunflowers have always been a favourite for many gardeners, attracting our garden buddies bumblebees to pollinate our vegetable plants and towering high with beauty all summer long. Most Sunflowers produce more than one head, so your loved one can enjoy them for longer in your garden or allotment.

Traditionally, receiving or giving Sunflowers as a token of love symbolizes adoration, longevity, loyalty, joy, and happiness. So, there is no better flower than Sunflowers to describe your love this Valentine’s Day! This kit has everything you need to grow six different flowers symbolising your unconditional love. It’s beautifully presented and fully recyclable – no plastic in sight!

  1. Urban Balcony Raised Bed

Food is the way to most people’s hearts, so why not gift your Valentine a raised bed to nurture and grow their own fresh food? You no longer need to have an extensive garden to grow veggies with our Urban balcony raised bed. It’s small but mightly, and more accessible! With its waist height, you no longer need to rest with a bad back after spending all day kneeling and digging.

Perfect for herbs, flowers, and veggies, the Urban balcony raised bed drains easily no matter which surface you’re on – with our premarked drainage holes in the base. It also has a modern look to match in with your garden, patio, or balcony.

Treat your loved one with an extra present to go with their Urban balcony raised bed, the Urban Cloche Cover, for just £9.99. This Cloche will extend their vegetable growing season to grow fresh food all year round. Gardening is key to our mental and physical health, boosting our happiness levels. It’s the perfect hobby you can do together too!

Garth’s Top 3 Gifts For Gerty

  1. Dried Flower Bouquet

So, with the stress of everyday life, you’ve remembered it’s Valentine’s day in a few days’ time. All the shops have sold out or left with a few sorry-looking bouquets. Fresh bouquets last a week if you’re lucky. Dried flower bouquets are in trend now, and for a good reason – they last much longer! What better symbol of your everlasting love? You can find all sorts of dried bouquets in the flower market at the moment. No matter which flower is your partner’s favourite, you can find it dried and in a stunning bouquet.

This beautiful blush pink bouquet from Beards & Daisies is the perfect gift for any flower lover. Dried bouquets are much better than fresh bouquets as they are fragrant, less expensive than fresh flowers, and last forever, just like your love.

Dried flower bouquets don’t need watering or trimming like fresh flowers. All they need is to be put in a place where they won’t be knocked over and can be dusted once a week. They will last for years if looked after correctly!

  1. Plantable Card

Valentine’s cards are a great way to express your love in words. But, after the day, they’re often thrown away or stored somewhere collecting dust. Why not give back and give your Valentines a special and unique card they can plant in the ground to produce beautiful flowers. It’s the gift of flowers and a card all in one, with the added joy of growing!

With many plantable cards, you can choose what will grow. The beautiful card that’s linked is printed on wildflower paper. Simply dig a shallow hole, place the card in, cover over, water, and wait for your flowers to grow. Your loved one can tear the message part off of the card if they’d like to keep it too, so your message won’t be biodegrading away.

  1. Gardening Trug

Is your loved one constantly struggling to carry around all their wonderfully fresh harvested veggies? Or maybe they need a hand carrying seeds and tools around. A garden trug is a perfect option! Not only is it handy, but a trug looks aesthetic and great for taking photos with for Instagram!

You can find lots of gardening trugs, personalised and different styles to suit your Valentine’s style. They really are a stylish and charming must-have for any keen gardener.

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