If you weren’t selling online 2 months ago, I really hope you are now!

Posted by Callum VP, on July 23, 2020.

How much have your own buying habits changed over the past 2 months?

When was the last time you physically went into a shop?

Does the idea of never visiting certain shops in person again excite you about the future?!

It does me. It’s so easy to buy online. And turns out it’s often cheaper and quicker.

The good news for businesses is, it’s also quick and easy to sell products online. Just as easy as buying online.

If you can spend money online. You can make money online. You just have to make products available and get people to find them.

We’ve increased our online business by a staggering amount in April and May, simply by making our products available to buy online.

It really is the easiest, lowest-risk way of growing a business. No stock. No warehouse costs. No inventory. Very little overheads and very little risk.

Simply add products to your online shop. Make them available. Put them in front of customers. And sell them.

Of course, it takes a bit of time to upload the details, choose the best photos to show them, perfect the descriptions and add videos and social-proof if it’s available. But once you’ve spent this time, you’ve made it possible for customers to spend money with you while you do nothing. And the only thing you’ve spent, is time.

We’ve been banging our heads against a wall with some of our existing customers over the past 2 months. Customers who sell our products in their stores but don’t yet sell our products on their online shops. All they need to do is spend some time adding our products to their online shop, making them available for customers to buy online, and we’ll drop-ship them directly to their customers’ doors. It

doesn’t have to take long. It doesn’t even have to be all products. But we know, if products were uploaded and made available for people to buy online, they would sell them. They would increase their sales and so would we. We know this because we’ve done it with other distributors.

When all that’s required is to spend some time adding a few new products to your online shop, why wouldn’t you do it?

If you’ve got an online shop and you’re not currently listing our compost bins, water butts, growing aids and garden products; we’re missing an opportunity together. And worse than that, your customers are missing out. If you are interested in increasing sales this summer, without increasing stock or increasing your risk, please consider adding our products to your e-commerce business. We know it works and we’d love to prove it to you.