“Live” Water Butt Levels

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After the driest July on record, and below average rainfall in 10 of the last 12 months, water levels in the UK’s rivers and reservoirs are much lower than usual. And, with nearly 3 million litres of water lost each year through leakages, the UK is now being forced to safeguard its water supply with hosepipe bans being introduced throughout the country.

This means people are no longer able to water their garden or allotment with a hosepipe or sprinkler, and they need to be very mindful about how much water they use, even when using a watering can. 

As suppliers of water butts & rainwater harvesting systems, you’d be right to assume that we’ve been particularly busy over the last few weeks with people ordering rainwater tanks like never before, because of the heatwave and the impending hosepipe bans. 

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The Latest Happenings

5th August

Southern Water announces hosepipe ban.

12th August

South East Water announces temporary hosepipe bans in Sussex and Kent.

12th August

Drought declared in 8 areas of the UK by the Environment Agency.

19th August

Welsh Water announce a hosepipe ban for west Wales. The first ban of such in Wales for more than 30 years.

23rd August

South West Water introduces a hosepipe ban.

24th August

Thames Water introduces a hosepipe ban.

26th August

Yorkshire Water brings in a hosepipe ban for the whole of Yorkshire.