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Introducing Gerty & Garth

Introducing our newest team members, our joint Chief Providers of Happiness… Gerty & Garth

Over the past few years Gerty & Garth, our helpful garden gnomes, have been providing gardening tips, tricks & magical spells to the Garantia UK team. And now, they are here to help you! From this moment forward, you will see them throughout our website, our videos and our articles spreading knowledge and happiness, to gardeners all over the UK, as they aim to raise awareness about how getting out in the garden is great for you both physically and mentally.

Make sure you keep an eye out for them as they love to spread joy and happiness to everyone they meet, and you never know they may sprinkle a dash of joy in your garden next!

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Our new team members…

Meet Garth

Garth believes gardening is magic, which at times it can be. He is hands on, but clumsy. He is adventurous, but naive. He is inquisitive and believes that every gardening problem can be solved with a magical spell.

Meet Gerty

Gerty in most instances, is completely different to Garth. She is down to earth, humble and patient. She is observant and she definitely doesn’t believe in magic. Gerty knows that to every problem in the garden, there is a solution. She uses her extensive gardening knowledge to help Garth in the garden, when his spells don’t work out as planned.

Meet Samuel

Sam is the typical garden pest that we all face. He loves nothing more than to eat luscious lettuce leaves, scrumptious strawberries and piquant peppers, that he finds when he is wondering through gardens and allotments. He is incredibly devious and sneaky, and when you think you have finally stopped him from destroying your garden, he is back and ruining everything again!

But, where did they come from & why are they here? Want to know more, read on…

LEGEND HAS IT… in a land near yet far away, one day our gardening wizard, Garth, noticed something strange was happening. The air was clearer, he could hear the birds sing and time seemed to stand still. He knew something wasn’t right. He couldn’t hear any cars. His garden hadn’t had visitors for weeks. His owners were at home all the time, they didn’t go off to work in the morning, they had their shopping delivered to the door step and they banged a wooden spoon and saucepan together the same time each week. Trusting his instinct, he knew something wasn’t right, so he went to investigate.

One day Garth climbed the tallest suburban fence panel and went on an adventure. He scoured far and wide. He trekked across harsh allotment terrain, he scaled the biggest countryside hill and swam through deep garden ponds and then something caught his eye…

He was taking a shortcut through a quiet alleyway where half-way up the path, he could hear a voice from behind a fence. It was soft, quaint and soothing. He hadn’t seen anyone in weeks let alone heard someone’s voice. He went to find out what it was. He found a gap in the fence. He could see a garden, it was nicely kept and well maintained. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Garth noticed that the board was loose, he made the gap wider and managed to squeeze through. But as he gazed upon the beautiful garden, he didn’t notice the drop. He tumbled down a bank. He was covered in mud and grass and was in a daze.

All of a sudden he could hear the voice again. He looked up. He was love-struck.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Garth replied.

“Hello, I’m Gerty, nice to meet you!”. “You must be new, I haven’t seen another gnome for quite a while now.”

“Hello I’m Garth and I’m not a gnome, I’m a wizard!” Garth proclaimed, whilst brushing himself off.

Gerty proceeded to chuckle. “How come you were spying on my garden?”, Gerty asked Garth.Garth replied, “I’m on an adventure, my garden hasn’t had any visitors for weeks, something isn’t right and I must find out why.”

“Aye, I know what you mean. My garden hasn’t seen any visitors for weeks too! My usual visitors are all having to work from home and I haven’t seen them since. It’s been incredibly lonely, but I have kept myself busy by looking after the Garantia garden.”, Gerty explained.

“This is your garden?”, Garth asked.

Gerty replied, “technically no, it’s the Garantia garden. The people who work for Garantia use it to relax and work in. However, I do look after it, I plant the vegetables, I water the flowers and I keep all the pests away.”

“I must say this is a beautiful garden!” said Garth.

“Why thank you!” Gerty replied. “Although, I do have this one problem, if you wouldn’t mind helping me with it?”

“Of course I can help, I’m a gardening wizard! What seems to be the problem?” asked Garth

“Well, there’s this really sneaky snail that lives in this garden and I can’t seem to keep him away.” said Gerty.

“Don’t you worry, I have just the spell to keep this snail away!”

“Oh, Garth”, Gerty chuckled.

Over the new few weeks, Garth and Gerty kept each other company, working in the garden and when the Garantia team returned to the office they were at hand to help them with all of their gardening questions and queries, and now they’re here to help you.

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