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To put it simply:

We manufacture some of the best garden products in the world (& they are nearly all made from 100% recycled plastic).

Our products are designed & manufactured in our own factories based in Germany, but we keep stock in UK HQ & Distribution Centre in Banbury – the heart of England.

As recommended by David Domoney

As a great believer in sustainable gardening it’s important to make the most of the resources in your garden and create a space that is self-sufficient is a worthwhile goal.  The journey is made all the more enjoyable when you’re able to see the process before your eyes and Garantia’s range of water butts, composters, and growing aids offers both practical and decorative solutions. As a trusted supplier to garden centres, they offer a fantastic range of products that bring these solutions to beginner gardeners and keen gardeners alike to grow more sustainably.”David Domoney

We offer 6 main product categories. Check them out below:

RRP from £44.99


RRP from £199.99

Water Butts

RRP from £19.99

Raised Beds

RRP from £9.99

Growing Aids

RRP from £22.99


RRP from £29.99

Downpipe Filters

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