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TV Gardener & Chartered Horticulturist, David Domoney, partners with Garantia®

Posted by David Domoney, on September 14, 2021.

David Domoney with urban balcony raised bed

To continue his ongoing campaign to try to make gardening sustainable and enjoyable to as many people as possible, David Domoney has teamed up with Garantia® to encourage people to harvest rainwater, make their own compost and grow their own fruit and vegetables. Garantia® use recycled plastic to make raised beds, water butts, and composters, making it easy for beginner gardeners and keen gardeners alike looking to grow more sustainably.

There are many steps that can be taken to keep your garden growing gloriously, whilst being kind to nature. In partnering with Garantia®, David Domoney is hoping to spread these eco-friendly values to gardens of Britain with tips on composting, water conservation, and the goodness of growing your own.

David said, “Making the most of the resources in your garden and creating a space that is self-sufficient is a fantastic goal to have. The journey is made all the more enjoyable when you can see the process before your eyes. I want to help demystify the processes in your garden and why they’re so important and beneficial.”

Garantia are a manufacturer of plastic products, specialising in water butts, compost bins, and growing aids. Priding themselves on their products being produced using 100% recycled materials, the products are not only high-quality but are beneficial to the environment in their manufacture and purpose.

David went on to say, “Each year, around 205 billion litres of water is thought to be used by UK homeowners outside each year, with most of that for the garden. We should make the most of the regular rainfall we get in the UK and use it to water our prized plants, so we aren’t relying on mains water.” Garantia’s range of water butts aren’t only practical but are available in a huge range of shapes, sizes, and styles to suit any garden design. With some designs topped with a planter for embellishment, they add even more planting opportunities to the space.

Patrick Thick from Garantia added, “We are very excited to be working with David Domoney to help more people make the most of their garden. You can have such a positive impact by using rainwater instead of mains water and by producing your own compost from green waste in your garden. The physical and mental health benefits of gardening and living sustainably, can help so many and we look forward to educating people on these benefits with the help of David’s experience and expertise.” 

Together, Garantia and David Domoney hope to encourage people to grow their own, advising products that are practical and purposeful. For example, raised beds that are flexible to create accessible and perfectly suited planting spaces and Thermo-Wood Compost Bin with decorative wood-effect design.

Through engaging videos, top garden tips, and fantastic competitions, the partnership will encourage all gardeners to make the most of their garden and the resources available. With the right knowledge and products, they can get growing in an eco-friendly way.