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Unmatched Confidence in Quality:
Our Lifetime Water Butt Satisfaction Guarantee

Here at Garantia UK it’s our mission to get a water butt in every garden in the UK to help reduce our reliance on mains water and to encourage homeowners to use rainwater instead. 

That’s why we’ve introduced our 14-day water butt trial period initiative. 

So you’ve been thinking about purchasing a water butt, but you are just not sure what you like will fit? Will the colour match the rest of the garden? And is it going to be straightforward to assemble? 

Well take advantage of our 14-day water butt trial offer and see for yourself.

With a steadfast commitment to quality, we stand by our products 100% that’s why when you order we’ll give you 14 days to decide whether it’s right for you and the good news is, if it’s not we’ll simply take it back, free of charge of course, refund your money and give you a £50 garden centre voucher! 

Be rest assured that our hassle-free return process is easy. 

Who’s the offer for?

For Water Butt Newbies

Are you new to the world of water butts? Our offer is tailored just for you. We’ll guide you through the process, ensuring you know what to expect every step of the way. Purchase with confidence, and explore the benefits of water butt ownership.

For Space Conscious Gardeners

Do you have limited garden space? Wondering if a water butt will fit? Our offer caters to space-conscious gardeners. Discover how our water butts can be a perfect fit for your garden, both in size and design.

For Aesthetically-Minded Gardeners

If you’re passionate about your garden’s aesthetics, you’re in the right place. Our offer ensures that your water butt complements the beauty of your garden. Find the perfect water butt that matches your garden style and enjoy the harmony of form and function.

How does it work?

Everything you need to know in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Choose Your Ideal Water Butt
Select the water butt that catches your eye and suits your needs. With a variety of designs and sizes, there’s one perfect for you

Step 2: Try It In Your Garden
Once it arrives, place it in your garden to see how it fits. Check both the size and design to ensure it aligns with your space and aesthetic preferences.

Step 3: Make Your Decision
After your trial period, decide whether it’s a perfect match for your garden. You can choose to keep it, exchange it for a different style or size, or return it for a full refund and a £50 garden centre voucher so you can buy a water butt that fits your garden. As we care more about every garden having water butt, even if it isn’t a Garantia water butt.