What Are The Benefits Of Composting?

Posted by Callum VP, on June 17, 2020.

Composting is the simply the breakdown of organic matter to create nutrient-rich fertiliser that helps your garden to grow. Whilst composting can be seen to be a long and slow process, with a little bit of patience composting can benefit more than just your garden.

The resulting compost that is created in your compost bin is full of nutrients like carbon and nitrogen which are used by plants during photosynthesis to create oxygen and for growing. Compost also helps to retain water, as compost has a greater water holding capacity compared to soil.

During the composting process microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria decompose the organic matter such as vegetable peelings and garden trimmings and the presence of these microorganisms help to aerate the soil and they help to fight off a variety of nasty soil-borne diseases.

Composting has tremendous benefits for the environment as well. If you are putting all your kitchen and garden waste into a compost bin you are reducing the amount of waste that you may have put into your general waste bin before. Organic matter takes longer to decompose in landfills sites as it is mixed with materials that can’t be decomposed. Also, if you are using compost on your garden you won’t need to use man-made fertilisers or chemicals on your garden that can do serious damage to the environment.

To start composting is easy, all you need is the right compost bin and the right balance of materials!