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What does Alan Titchmarsh think about Garantia?!

Posted by Callum VP, on January 11, 2021.

This September, national treasure and gardening royalty, Alan Titchmarsh, graced our screens with a unique series about celebrating all that is wonderful about the Great British countryside, including arts, crafts, manufacturing and produce. The show focussed on how us at home can make the most of what we have outside our back door and included features on Garantia products!

In episode 1, Alan reviewed many different types of compost bins and how they can be suitable to all gardens. By using homemade compost, the home gardener has complete control on the components used to make their soil. This allows us green thumbed individuals to ensure that our home-grown vegetables and herbs are made from the finest ingredients and raised in the best environments as you can influence ph. levels and control the nutrients in the soil. 

Even with all of these benefits, people still find composting overwhelming and nerve wracking. So, what did the king of gardening think of Garantia compost bins?

Garantia produce 280, 300, 400, 450, 600, 900, and 1000 litres composters varying in shape and design, meaning we have one to suit every garden. In the show the two reviewed our Eco Composter, which is easily filled through hinged lid at the top, sports a sturdy black base, which has been included for added aeration and security against rodents, and a sliding door for easy compost removal. Alan was very complimentary of the simplistic design and was excited about the composter being manufactured from recycled plastic. Even though plastic is something us gardeners try and reduce our use of, it is a reliable and long-lasting material that, when re-used over and over, can reduce our carbon footprint. 

Episode 2 saw the hosts attention switch to water butts, where Alan was highly impressed with the different look that Garantia has adopted. Traditionally, water butts aren’t the most attractive feature of a garden (sorry, but it is true) and therefore people tend to shy away from installing them. However, they are very practical and seen by Alan as a gardening essential due to their environmental properties and the benefits that recycled water has on your garden. 

Garantia water butts are different to the traditional, they put the panache back into your garden with sleek, modern features and well disguised designs. If you are a keen gardener, a water butt is an essential item to have in your garden as they harvest rainwater from your down pipe or directly from the sky, filter it with highly nutritious compost (made in your own compost bin) and then allow you to re-use it on your flowers and crop. Also made from recycled plastic and very easy to put together, Garantia water butts can also be used as planters, making them not only a practical feature, but an aesthetic one too. 

Finally, later in the series, Alan took a look at our selection of raised beds with the help of Huw Richards, a gardener on a mission to help as many people as possible to grow their own food at home. Raised beds are brilliant for growing at home as they require little upkeep due to less water retention and fewer weeds. They also allow the home gardener to have more control over the contents of the compost making a larger variety of vegetables and herbs accessible to them. 

The pair reviewed the Urban Raised Bed, whose unique wood texture and small, portable, ergonomic design, make it ideal for any home garden and any home gardener, as no kneeling or bending is required. Perfect for growing herbs, vegetables and flowers, even in the smallest of spaces, the Urban Raised Bed makes home grown food a possibility for everyone, making it a favourite of Huw’s. the removable lid allows gardeners to warm up the soil for early season planting and protects delicate crops from the Great British weather! 

However, for some the Urban Raised Bed isn’t big enough for their home growing aspirations, and for these home growers we have the Ergo Raised Bed System. An adaptable and practical raised bed system, perfect for any garden or allotment. Huw demonstrated how the Ergo raised beds can be flexibly designed in height, so you can tailor your raised bed to your specific needs. Alan was impressed with how you can combine these beds with each other to create many different sizes, and thus provide a visual highlight to your garden. 

Overall, these three gardening experts make it clear that by investing in a few key features you can have a complete life cycle of food in your own garden or allotment. Grow the food, compost the food, use the compost and rainwater to grow the food….and so on. Growing your own is not only sustainable, but healthy and very educational for the generations to come. At Garantia we are very proud to have unique, reliable and practical products that make home growing a possibility to everyone and are delighted that Alan Titchmarsh and Huw Richards agree! 

If you are interested in any of the above products, please feel free to check out our website and browse our selection.