What options are there to connect my water butt to my downpipe?

Posted by Callum VP, on August 31, 2020.

Every garden needs to be watered to ensure it remains in good condition and whether you already own a water butt, or are thinking of investing in one, you may be unsure how the two items connect together. If you are unsure of the options available to connect your water butt to your downpipe, in this article we explain everything you need to know. 

What is a water butt?

If you own a garden and like to keep it in good shape, you will need to water it on a regular basis. This means using water from your home, which can increase water bills. 

Using a water butt helps to save on water usage and bills, especially during dry periods of the year. It works by attaching it to the roof downpipe so it can collect rainfall and store for it use in the garden whenever needed. That means you are far less likely to have to turn on the kitchen tap or use a hosepipe to water the garden. 

A water butt is also a more environmentally friendly option for plants, shrubbery and greenery, as biologically rainwater is better for plants than mains water. Using less domestic water will also reduce your carbon footprint and reduce demand on local water supplies. 

How do I connect a downpipe filter?

Follow these steps to connect a downpipe filter:

  • Ensure the ground is level and stable as possible before starting installation. 
  • The downpipe filter needs to be connected to the downpipe using a cordless drill with the special attachment that can bore a hole in both the pipe and water butt. 
  • Featured in the tank will be a hole to fit the inlet seal which can be connected to filter with the supplied hose piping.

What downpipe filter options are available?

Graf offer a range of downpipe filter solutions including:


The Speedy Downpipe Filter makes it easy to install rainwater control system, especially for people who are not DIY specialists. The Speedy system cuts down installation time and can be in position in as little as 5 minutes. It comes with a special drill bit that is attached to a cordless drill so you can make the required hole in the downpipe. After drilling a hole in both the pipe and water butt you have to install the filter, attach the hose pipe and system is ready to use. Once in place, the tank will never overflow as it automatically stops filling once the limit is reached.


The Rain collector Rapido system works in the same way as the Speedy system. Installation is fast and easy to complete, allowing you to have everything in place in no time at all. 

Filling device

Graf also offer a filling device, which is available in grey and brown. The purpose of this product is to filter out large contaminants that could degrade and infect the water if left unchecked (such as leaves). It also works to ensure water butts do not overflow when the water limit has been reached.