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What Vegetables To Plant In September

Posted by Callum VP, on September 1, 2020.

As we’re coming to the end of the British Summer, you may have started to think about which vegetable seeds you should sow within the next couple of weeks for both winter and early spring harvest. But don’t worry we have you covered. Here are 5 different vegetables you can plant in September.

Leafy vegetables

You can look to sow some leafy veg to harvest next spring, these include; spring cabbages and spinach. But it is important to keep in mind you will need to cover spinach in a fleece, cloche or tunnel from October onwards to protect the produce from frost during the Winter.

Broad beans and peas

It’s a good time to sow broad beans and peas in September as the plants can establish themselves during the Winter months. Both of these vegetables are hardy, but again it’s recommended that you cover the produce in a fleece, cloches or tunnel to protect them from frost and snow in the Winter.


A personal favourite of ours! Radishes only take a few weeks to mature so it’s worth sowing a batch soon to harvest before Winter.


Similar to radishes, turnips are another fast-growing vegetable and they grow best in cool and moist soil conditions. You should look to harvest after six weeks when they’re the size of a golf ball.


You can plant some sets of onions in September and look to harvest them early next year, you should choose a variety of onions that grow best in the Autumn. These include; troy and radar onions.

We hope you found this useful, if you do plant some of these vegetables let us know how you get on and share some pictures of your progress.