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Why Garth Truly Believes Sunny Growing Tunnels & Cloches Are Magic!

Posted by Garth the Wizard, on January 28, 2022.

Are the pesky slugs munching on your beloved lettuces? Or maybe your young cabbage plants need a little boost. The sunny forcing cloche & sunny growing tunnel are perfect for helping your garden. They cover seedlings and pre-warm soil for early planting, while at the end of summer, they help ripen crops.

What Do They Do?

The sunny Cloche & Growing Tunnel are essentially lightweight and durable mini greenhouses for your plants. Our gardens are precious, and we often don’t have the time or patience to continually sow and wait for germination because the slugs and caterpillars decided to have a feast. Designed for accelerated plant growth and early harvesting, the Cloche and Growing Tunnel are easy and quick to place over plants.

Securely fasten your Cloche & Growing Tunnel with our peg set too. So, you don’t need to worry about the unpredictable British weather. You can, however, take advantage of the abundance of rain we receive here in the UK as both products include watering functions.

If you need to further insulate your Cloche or Growing Tunnel in the winter, simply add horticultural fleece and watch your products heat up like little igloos. They work to retain the earth’s heat while providing surface insulation. Lambs Lettuce, Chard, Kale, and Onions can all keep on growing in their warm house for the winter and provide you with fresh veggies at the dinner table. This is something that can’t be done easily with a greenhouse. Plus, greenhouses take up lots of space you could use for growing more fresh food!

How Do They Work?

A humid environment is created by placing Cloches & Growing Tunnels over your plants. Did you know they can raise the soil temperatures by up to 10°c?

This, in turn, speeds up germination and your cropping season as plants are more likely to grow and be ready to harvest sooner.

You don’t need to worry about the rain, wind, and hail damaging your plants either, which is especially useful when growing leafy crops such as salads, spinach, and cabbage. Sunny Cloches & Growing Tunnels have watering recesses to collect rain or irrigation water. The water is then slowly filtered through the Cloche or Growing Tunnel and around the plant. Because of this handy feature, you don’t need to remove the products for watering.

Maybe you left sowing a little late this year, and the weather has taken a turn for the cold side. You can stuff straw into cloches, providing insulation and frost protection for over-wintering crops and delicate perennials. Air-borne diseases such as onion downy mildew and tomato blight are prevented. Sunny Cloches & Growing Tunnels have good ventilation due to the water holes at the top.

Cloches & Growing Tunnels are physical barriers against pests such as slugs, caterpillars, and birds. Birds can’t swoop down to your raised beds and peck at your veggies, and slugs and caterpillars will find it tricky to gather on your young seedlings. 

It’s easy to keep an eye on the growth and progress of your plants as both products are transparent. This is obviously useful for light too!

How To Use Your Cloche & Growing Tunnel

Both products are lightweight and easy to install into your vegetable garden or raised bed for all the protection and growing boost your plants need. Cloches have a wide range of uses in the garden or on the allotment, including:

  • Protecting rows of low-growing plants, including strawberries, cabbages, and salad crops.
  • Cover individual plants.
  • Ripen and finish off crops such as tomatoes and peppers in late summer.
  • Raise the soil temperature up to 10 degrees.
  • Rain and frost protection for autumn-sown crops such as carrots or chicory.
  • Cover cucumbers and peppers in summer to prevent diseases caused by rain.

The Growing Tunnel & Cloche are complemented by the end cap set to secure your growing tunnel at either end and sunny fixing peg set to securely fasten your Cloche & Growing tunnel down to the ground.

How Much Do They Cost?

Cloches & Growing Tunnels are a very cost-effective investment when you think about how much it would cost to buy a greenhouse for the same amount of vegetables. You would have to purchase numerous packets of seeds if you didn’t protect your crops from pests, diseases, and the weather. So not only do Cloches & Growing Tunnels save you money but also the time you would have to spend resowing and planting!

At the end of the day, you can’t put a price on the joy of growing fresh veggies all year round and getting a step ahead of everyone else when you proudly harvest your fresh lettuce to enjoy on the first warm spring day.

The sunny Cloche retails at £17.99 for one or buy four Cloches for £42.00! Normally £79.96. Every Cloche comes with a 5-year guarantee, showing how sure we are on the quality and durability!

Sunny Growing Tunnels are just £39.99. Measuring 1050 × 400 × 300 mm, you can fit lots of lettuces and plants all under one roof. The Growing Tunnels also come with a 5-year guarantee. 

How To Store

How should you store your plant protection Cloches & Growing Tunnels? Well, Garantia UK’s sunny growing products can be washed out and stacked easily on each other, so they don’t take up precious growing space. Storage can often be a problem with large garden equipment, but Cloches and Growing Tunnels are made for the outdoors, so you can easily stack them on top each other, taking up a small amount of space in your garden shed!