Why People Are Choosing Anthracite For Their Gardens

Posted by Callum VP, on November 30, 2020.

You may have noticed that over the past year or so the anthracite colour has become a popular option for a growing number of households. It’s now one of the hottest outdoor colours for 2020 and beyond and below we discuss why people are choosing anthracite for their gardens. 

What is anthracite?

Anthracite is a hard coal and the colour takes inspiration from this natural resource. The rock has a metallic gloss that gives the impression of being both black and grey and is a shade that fits in with both traditional and contemporary aesthetics, making it a popular choice with consumers.

Why is anthracite so popular?

There a number of reasons why anthracite is proving so popular, some of which we have listed below:


With the occasional exception, most people searching for products want to ensure the colour is not too garish or off-putting. It’s one of the reasons why black and white products always remain a popular choice as they blend in with almost any environment. 

The same can be said for anthracite. Where some grey tones can look a little dowdy and uninspiring, anthracite has more vibrancy and depth, and whether you live in modern or classic home, the colour fits in without much fuss. 

More forgiving

One issue with buying a lighter coloured product, especially for the garden, is that dirt really shows up and can make the item look quite grubby and unattractive. This is even more so the case when it is constantly on display outside. 

Anthracite offers more protection in this regard, covering up smaller dirt marks and in-turn reducing the amount of maintenance that has to be performed. So when it comes to the wetter parts of the year when mud splashes can easily appear, anthracite stops you from having to clean down the item every other day or week. 


Colour and presentation go a long way, especially when you see something on a regular basis. Not only is it less stressful to be irritated by the colour of an item that irritates you, opting for one with an anthracite colour will save you money in the long run. 

The neutral tone of anthracite is less likely to offend, so if you want to change the surrounding environment you won’t need to go and buy a new version that comes with the right colour. 

Sets the tone

A key factor when choosing any product based on colour is the ambience it creates in the space. Where white can stand out and black can be a little dark for some, anthracite grey sits somewhere in the middle, creating a more settled, soothing tone. 

This is important as you want to feel relaxed in your home environment and by not being too bright or dark, anthracite has just the right amount of depth. When seen against other items that are brighter in colour it can also help reduce their glare to create more of a balanced colour palette.