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Why we love Spring in the UK, including the top 4 things to do in your garden this season.

Posted by Garantia UK Support, on March 21, 2022.

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Winter can drag in the UK. The short and dark days coupled with gloomy skies and freezing temperatures seem to last for months. But, we have good news. Spring is coming. We only have a few weeks to wait as it rolls around on the 20th of March 2022. The spring equinox marks the first day of astronomical spring. Following this, the days get longer, and the evenings get brighter. You’ll start to see your mood improve as you can spend more time outside and hopefully soaking up some sun!

What’s So Good About Spring?

If you ask a gardener what their favourite season is, they’ll usually say this season. Spring is the official season of new life and beginnings; it’s the perfect time to start sowing those tiny seeds that will grow into flourishing plants as the soil starts to warm up.

Just before Spring arrives, you’ll start to see delicate snowdrops and daffodils beginning to wake up. Primroses add a burst of colour in mid to late February as they hint at the beauty of colour to come in Spring.

There is no better season than being able to garden after work, tucking seeds into the soil and doing your daily water in the light. It’s these little moments that make Spring so unique to so many! But, enough about us, what does Spring mean for the garden and wildlife?

Bees will start to buzz past you, and butterflies will gently land on a nearby flower. While the birds will start singing their morning tune to wake you up and tell you it’s time to enjoy the sunshine. All of these are beautiful and precious signals that Spring is coming, and it’s time to dig out your gardening gloves and wash some plant pots.

Why Are Gardens So Important In Spring?

Dark days can instantly make us feel unmotivated and tired. So naturally, in Spring, as we wake up to the sun’s rays, we’re going to feel happier and want to jump out of bed! Spring is so important for our mental health. We’re more likely to get outside to garden, walk or just simply sit and breathe in the fresh air. No more hours wasted scrolling on your phone when Spring arrives as you can finally enjoy the beauty of nature around you. You’re more likely to bump into neighbours as they’ll also be outside in their gardens. These little chats over a garden fence can be meaningful for people, especially if they live independently.

Going for a walk or run in the Spring is ideal too. It’s likely to be the perfect temperature, and as you’re strolling through your area, you will notice the blossom on the trees and the sweet smell of sweet peas. All of these things make us much happier and calmer!

Top 4 things to do in your garden in Spring

You’ve dusted off your gardening tools and bought a new bag of crumbly compost. So, where do you begin? Here are four things to do in your garden this Spring.

Sow A Wildflower Patch

Sowing a beautiful wildflower patch in your garden or even just leaving a square patch of lawn to grow long will encourage lots of wildlife. Not only is it good to protect their natural environment, but they will help deter pests such as slugs! Flowers will attract Bees to wildflowers; these buzzing garden friends are vital for the survival of our gardens. They help to pollinate cucumber plants and squash.

Tidy Up The Garden

It may be the case that you put away your spade and rake last year once everything started dying off. Because of this, leaves and weeds dominate your raised garden beds. So, now is the perfect time to have a garden tidy. Wash down your greenhouse or cold frame to eliminate diseases, sweep up the leaves into a pile for wildlife and pick out weeds.

Clean Out Garden Pots

This is often a task overlooked by gardeners. But, it’s essential to clean out previously used plant pots, trays and equipment. Diseases can be lurking, and snails might be hiding underneath just waiting for a feast of your tiny seedlings! Use soap and water to clean your pots safely.

Sow Veggie Seeds

The soil is warming up nicely, so it’s the ideal time for germination! Have a wander around your local garden store and pick out some seeds for sowing. Most flowers and vegetables can be grown in Spring, so they have the perfect time to grow throughout spring and summer for a continuous harvest of fresh veggies.