Garantia UK “Wiggly May” Competition

Posted by Callum VP, on May 1, 2020.

 Wiggly-Worm-May for bored kids (big and small) and stressed-out parents! 

 Is the Wiggliest-Worm living in your compost bin

As we head into another month of lock-down with parents home-schooling, home-cooking and home-entertaining – and the weather taking a turn for its seasonal-rainy-norm… Garantia UK are launching a weekly ‘feel-good’ competition during the month of May to get small kids (and big kids) out into the garden and composting their left-overs, to give the Wiggly-Worms out there a real treat! 

With most councils now charging for food and garden waste collection, households – with their finances already stretched – will have to resort to dealing with the scraps and off-cuts themselves. What better way to do this than by composting! 

Can you and your children find the Wiggliest-Worms and take a short video? 

The Royal Horticultural Society says website views on ‘how to compost’ are up nearly 500 per cent and there has been a surge in the purchase of composting bins and materials, which is why Garantia are launching a Wiggly-May, Wiggly-Worm competition, giving away weekly prizes for the Wiggliest-videos sent in during each week. 

Record your wiggliest worm, upload the video to share it with us on Garantia’s social sites and be in with a chance to win £100 worth of vouchers every Friday throughout May 2020! 

People of the UK are composting more of their garden waste than ever before. It’s great for the environment and great for our Wiggly-Worm friends! Give your children something to focus on in the rain (in between home schooling lessons of course!). Find those Wiggly-Worms and share them with us. 

It’s a great opportunity to teach your children about the benefits of garden worms. Worms play an important role in the recycling of organic waste. They help to turn food and garden waste into soil that is full of nutrients, which is great for your plants. 

Get involved today! Get your phone out, get your rain coat on, get out in your garden and go find some Wiggly-Worms. Shoot a quick video, upload it to your favourite social media platform, tag @GarantiaUK and be sure to mention #WigglyMay for your chance to win £100 voucher to spend on your garden. Someone will win a voucher every Friday throughout May 2020.